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7 things kids will enjoy at Kings Beach, Queensland

If I was a kid going on a holiday to Kings Beach, Queensland I’d be looking around wide-eyed hoping to spot one of the Kings or Queens. Then I’d get distracted by the expanse of soft sand leading into the big blue ocean, the ice-cream signs, colourful playgrounds and giggling kids running in and out of the water fountain. Kings Beach has plenty to offer families with kids. This beautiful little section of Australian coastline can be found at the southern end of the Sunshine Coast, at the friendly town of Caloundra. It’s about a two hour drive north of Brisbane, depending on which side of the city you’re coming from. Here are 7 things your kids and family will enjoy if you visit Kings Beach.

A summer’s afternoon at Kings Beach, Queensland.

Swim and play at the beach

Okay, so this is an obvious one. If the weather is fine, you’ll probably spend a lot of time at the beach. Kings Beach has been named as one of the best and safest beaches in Queensland. Kids will love jumping in the waves and riding body boards. Take a bucket and spade so you can build a sandcastle or work those leg muscles playing beach frisbee.

Kings Beach is patrolled by surf life savers so the safest place to swim is between the flags. If the waves are a good size there may be surfers at the other end of the beach. Facilities include showers and toilets at both ends of the beach and two more sets of showers in the middle. You’ll find picnic tables, barbecues and playgrounds along a grassy stretch of parkland. Car parking is all along the street, with larger car park areas near the Kings Beach amphitheatre.

Surfers enjoy the unusually big surf at Kings Beach. The sea water pool sits on the rocks overlooking the ocean.

Take a dip in the Kings Beach sea water pool

If the ocean is a bit wild but you still want to swim in that salt water goodness, plunge into the sea water pool at the northern end of Kings Beach. This free-entry swimming pool has shallow wading areas for kids and a deeper 25m area. There is partial shade, disability access and in summer there is a lifeguard on duty.  A cafe, restaurant and toilet facilities are nearby. We think this is a great place to take little kids when the water at the beach is a bit rough. They love to potter around the shallow areas and if you have a few water toys, they can spend a long time here. The pool closes for cleaning one or two evenings a week depending on the season.

The sea water pool at the northern end of Kings Beach is free and is a great place to let little kids splash in still water.

Explore the rock pools

I loved exploring rock pools when I was a kid and I still do. You never know what you’re going to find. Crabs, tiny darting fish, shells, weird sea plants and creatures that cling to rocks. It’s a great way to let kids enjoy and appreciate nature. There are rock pools at both ends of Kings Beach. The best rock pools for exploring are at the northern end, past the swimming pool. The rocks can get a bit slippery here so take care on the slimy looking areas. The western end of Kings Beach is great for rock-hopping. Sometimes we walk this way to Bulcock Beach. Look for crabs hiding under rock crevices or make a tower out of smooth stones. My little girl could spend hours jumping across the rocks and poking around the water holes. Of course, low tide is the best time to explore the rock pools.

Kids will love exploring the rock pools at the northern end of Kings Beach.
Finding ‘treasure’ in the rock pools at the southern end of Kings Beach.

Frolic in the water fountain

If there isn’t enough water for your liking at the beach or pool, visit the giant fountain near the pool. Jets of water shoot up from the ground in different spots. Kids love running around and sticking body parts in front of the spray. The suspense of waiting for the timed streams of water is a thrill. This is also a great area for the little ones to scooter or roller-blade.

Kids giggle and run through the water shooting up from the ground at the Kings Beach water fountain.

Frolic on the playgrounds

Kids love new playgrounds and one of the great things about Kings Beach is it has three playgrounds to choose from! Each one has different equipment so you could spend half a day just playground-hopping. Yay for free places that get kids outside burning off energy! You can read more about the playgrounds here.

Scooter or cycle along the coastal pathway

The Sunshine Coast has a long scenic pathway that stretches along the coastline. From Kings Beach, you can walk (or cycle, jog or scooter) south towards Bulcock Beach or north to Shelly Beach. Both sections are beautiful but if you have kids I’d recommend heading south to Happy Valley where there’s another fabulous beach playground with a coffee van nearby. Next to Happy Valley is a small patrolled beach, Bulcock Beach, and a strip of restaurants and cafes. This section of the walk is quite flat and includes a raised boardwalk that offers big open ocean views.

The boardwalk section of the coastal walk is particularly scenic and kids will enjoy riding their scooters or bikes.

North of Kings Beach the coastal pathway follows the headland around and offers more amazing views. A section of this is a memorial walkway displaying small plaques dedicated to those who served Australia in wars and conflicts.

A war memorial along the coastal walk north of Kings Beach, Queensland.

Eat fish and chips while as the sun goes down

Really, a beach holiday isn’t complete without a meal of salty fish and chips as the sun sets. It’s one of those simple pleasures that just has to be done while on a beach holiday. There are cafes at both ends of Kings Beach.

One of several cafes next to Kings Beach.

So despite the lack of royalty at Kings Beach, Queensland, there is still plenty to see and do. In fact, your kids may be so happily occupied you might even get to enjoy a hot, barista made coffee in peace.

Have I convinced you to visit? Where is your favourite place to go on a beach holiday with kids?

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