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It’s a pleasure that you found our website.

My name is Regina and I’m a passionate (and sometimes fanatical 🙂 ) and perfectionistic planner.

Where to go on a rainy holiday? What can we do on the weekend?…

During our travels I often miss planning and travel tips. I like to be prepared before I go on a trip or an excursion. I’d like to know where I can go with the kids, where is a playground, a child-friendly museum, a great beach …. And I want to get this info as simply and quickly as possible.


Über uns - about - dastoa

Do you know this feeling?

Here I would like to provide – with your help – a lot of information about planning and traveling with kids. Here at Dastoa, you can share your experience and recommendations about good places to visit all over the world with children.

The aim of dastoa is to create a platform that is the first contact-point for your planning and your holiday with children. Dastoa’s content should encourage, support and accompany you during your great holiday. Experiences, family time, adventure !!


Do you like dastoa and the idea behind it?

Would you like to work with us and the blog? Do you have ideas for collaboration? For further information, please visit the PR & Media section. I’m happy for you!
Yours Regina




Our Team

Who is writing here?

I am incredibly proud that we are now publishing dastoa in two languages.

Regina Stoiber


Traveling and discovering the world, whether in distant countries or at home, around the corner, means for me and our family to enjoy life to the fullest. Pleasant anticipation, fun, high quality time together, escaping from everyday life and benefiting from it for years – these are important values of our trips and journeys.
We are a normal family with two young children. We are Papa Beda (for the non-Bavarian: Peter), Mama Gina and the kids.
Our travel fever has even infected the children. The big one of just three years asks constantly, when do we finally get back into an airplane and the little one, not even two years, makes it clear that she wants “nom nom” (again) on the “Fliiiii” (plane).
Can such a wish be refused?

Rebecca Ossipow


Hi! I’m Bec – a creative, outdoorsy wife and mum living on the coast of Queensland, Australia. My family loves the beach, rainforest walks, beautiful gardens, riding our bikes and exploring new places.

I became friends with Gina about seven years ago through a penpal website. We share a lot in common so it’s been fun to stay in touch over the years and visit each others’ homes. Gina’s family loves Australia and we love Germany so it’s a win-win!

It’s a delight for me to share some stories and travel tips on dastoa. Here in Australia we’re surrounded by so many wonderful, diverse places to see and visit. Maybe as you read, you can take a mini-escape with me and feel inspired to explore.




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