Mummy I love you

I love you mummy

I love you mummy!

Words which make my heart melt. A few days ago you said this sentence to me for the first time in your three years of life. It came out of nowhere, without warning, just I love you mummy!


What really counts?

What value do the dirty dishes in the kitchen have or the laundry that needs to be ironed? What is really important?
What counts on our life clock are the hours that we spend intensively together. I enjoy dancing with my children in the living room. I love seeing your happy and laughing faces when we hold hands or we dance through the room singing.
I enjoy it when we are out together and exploring the world. You are already so big and riding on your training bike while you, my little one, look contentedly out of the baby carriage and keep your brother in sight. Only we three explore and discover every stone, every leaf, every snail shell. Even if my thoughts hardly stand still, I have here with you the opportunity to simply enjoy our time together.

I love you mummy


I love you mummy!

This one sentence and all the meaning behind it is worth putting off everything else. Should I prepare for the next event? What do I have to do for the next study work? What should I cook for the next few days? When should I clean the apartment? My head is not quiet and I can rarely switch off. During the hours of the day that are yours, these thoughts are banished from my head. The afternoons are only three of us – without competition. We do things that are fun.


We have found our way

For a long time I’ve needed to find a way that will suit all of us. A daily routine that takes into account both my personal time and high quality time with both of you. For some weeks now we’ve had a new routine. In the morning, when you spend exciting and interesting hours in kindergarten and nursery school, the time belongs to me. Time for work and study, but also time for a coffee with a girlfriend – and a little housework is also ok. The lunch break (if available, three-year-old sleep at noon isn’t cool anymore :-)) belongs to my blog.
But the afternoon belongs to us and I really look forward to it.
It is a luxury and a privilege to spend time with you. To see you growing up. To see how unbelievably cheerful you are even before going to sleep, just enjoying life. I could watch you for hours.


Mama ich hab dich lieb


Every minute I cuddle, play and romp with you, I have a thousand times more inner satisfaction than I do cleaning the apartment. Who needs an apartment that is always spick and span? Why must the grass always be mown and the garden free of weeds?
Before you enriched our lives, the apartment had to be wiped and dusted regularly. Today it is enough if the vacuum cleaner whizzes through the apartment quickly. Vacuum cleaning is even more fun when we do it as team! It’s ok if a small layer of dust forms on the shelf and if the windows aren’t cleaned straight away.

I am incredibly pleased that now, with our new rhythm, you give me this precious feedback. I love you mummy.

I love you both incredibly!

Your mummy



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